Welcome! On this page, you will find photos and videos of your students playing their violins in class (Inside the Classroom) as well as professional recordings of the pieces we are currently working on (Helpful Links). Listening to the recordings at home is a great way to help students remember their pieces. I hope you will visit this page every now and then to sneak a peek of the hard work that we are doing in violin class.

Laura Reycraft
Violin Teacher

Inside the Classroom

1st Graders received their “real” violins last week! They are very excited to learn the violin. We are currently learning about the A and E strings as well as how to care for our violins and bows.

2nd Graders are working on Beautiful Skies and French Folk Song

3rd Graders are learning Song of the Wind and Camptown Races

4th Grade is playing Long, Long Ago, Allegro, and Yankee Doodle

5th Graders are working on Perpetual Motion, When the Saints Go Marching In and Boogie Woogie

6th Graders are currently playing Climbing the Mountain, Minuet 1 and Soldier’s Joy

Helpful Links

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