“This school year will offer many opportunities for self-exploration and growth. Through guidance and choice, students will navigate new paths and encounter many challenges and successes along the way. We will celebrate and encourage each other as we experience learning at new depths.”

Erin McDonough
Third Grade Language Arts Teacher


Reading: Students recently finished reading our first class novel, “Because of Winn Dixie”. We focused on gathering important information for note-taking, this included information on new characters, setting and vocabulary. Students analyzed main characters attributes and the ways they changed over the course of the novel. Theme was also a major topic of conversation as we discussed the theme of friendship. As a class, we focused on the importance of not judging others and being kind to one another.

What’s next? Students are beginning the informational unit. We will navigate through non-fiction books and analyze their text features such as diagrams, maps, glossary, index, and captions. Students will be required to gather information on a U.S. landmark using a non-fiction book that will be provided for them. As they gather information on this landmark, they will create a collection of online resources using our library database. Your child can access this information from home if they log in. Requirements for this research project can be found here.

Independent Reading: Your child should be reading their independent book for 30 minutes each night. After finishing an independent book, students are required to take a short quiz that analyzes how well the student comprehended the book they read. If you’d like to see your child’s quiz scores, I can provide you with this information. If you’re looking for ways to nurture your child’s love for reading, check out this article.

Discussion Questions

For fun: Have them act out a scene from the book, draw you a picture of their favorite part to decorate the refrigerator, or write a follow-up story. They can pretend they are a book reviewer reviewing the book on TV, or they can write a letter or postcard to the author. There are many creative ways to engage students in reading and have them share their reading with you!

Writing: To begin our informational unit, students will be exploring topics that they feel they are “experts” of. They will begin making informational books to teach their readers about their topic. We will focus on including text features to present our information in many different ways. This will prepare students for the upcoming biography project, as they will gather and present information for our Wax Museum.


Weekly Homework
-30 Minutes of independent reading each night
-Spelling practice each night (quizzes on Monday) 

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