faculty taylor erik“I am Mr. Taylor, City Academy’s Upper Science Specialist and STEAM Program Administrator. I have worked at City Academy for eleven years and love teaching science and engineering. Not only am I a teacher, I am also a parent of two City Academy students and two alums. This is an amazing school where students learn and grow, and I am always excited to explore with them.” 

Erik Taylor
Science Teacher, 5th & 6th Grades
STEAM Program Administrator

Inside the Classroom: 5th & 6th Grade Science

The 5th and 6th grades have started their astronomy unit.  Introductory videos for this unit can be found at the bottom of the page.  A number of engineering projects, a research project and field trips to the Challenger Learning Center will accompany this unit.


5-6 Astronomy Handout

5-6 Astronomy Notes Slides 1- 13

5-6 NASA Probe or Satellite Project

5-6 Astronomy Review 2

Weekly Homework: 5th & 6th Grade Science

Sixth grade The second astronomy review will be due Thursday, January 17 with a quiz on Friday, January 18.  The review, notes and handout can all be found on this page.

Fifth Grade The second astronomy review will be due Thursday, January 17 with a quiz on Friday, January 18.  The review, notes and handout can all be found on this page.

STEAM Logo GearSTEAM Design Process

As a part of their experience in upper science, 3rd through 6th grade students will take part in various STEAM projects that integrate science, technology, engineering, art and math.  Throughout the year, the STEAM Design Process will be encouraged from start to finish during these projects.  Students will learn to OBSERVE the problem or situation, IMAGINE a solution or invention, develop an effective PLAN, CREATE  what they have imagined, EVALUATE the effectiveness of their creation through testing, and ENHANCE their creation if it requires a tweak or repair.


Introduction to the Moon

Evolution of the Moon

Crash Course Astronomy – The Moon

Constellation Mission to LEO, Moon and Mars

Introduction to the Solar System

Introduction to Black Holes

Introduction to Origins of the Universe

Introduction to the Sun

Introduction to Mars

Introduction to Meteors

Formation of the Solar System

The Making of the Earth

How the Earth as Made

Future Mission to Mars

Bill Nye – Outer Space

Bill Nye – Space Exploration

International Space Station

NOVA Science Now – Mission to Mars

Possible Mars Science Outpost

Building a Moon Base

Landing Curiosity Rover on Mars

Living on the Moon

Short Film – Landing Sequence of Curiosity on Mars

Short Film – Landing Sequence of Spirit and Opportunity on Mars

Short Film – Landing Sequence and Mission Overview of Insight Lander on Mars

Search for Second Earth – Planet Hunters

Search for Second Earth – Engineers

How the Universe Works – Searching for a Second Earth


What is an Engineer?  Crash Course Kids  #12.1

The Engineering Process.  Crash Course Kids #12.2

Defining the Problem. Crash Course Kids #18.1

Defining Success.  Crash Course Kids #18.2

Got Some Solutions. Crash Course Kids #26.1

Let’s Fly. Crash Course Kids #26.2

A Case of What If’s. Crash Course Kids #29.1

Engineering Games. Crash Course Kids #29.2

Isolating Variables. Crash Course Kids #39.1

Try Trials. Crash Course Kids #39.2

Succeed by Failing. Crash Course Kids #42.1

Fixing Failure Points. Crash Course Kids #42.2

Designing a Trial. Crash Course Kids #44.1

Testing and Trials. Crash Course Kids #44.2

FLL Robot Designs

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