Ann Luciani
Science Teacher, 3rd & 4th Grades

Inside the Classroom

We are winding down our winter chemistry unit on matter and its properties. Students can begin to complete their Chemistry Review #3 in preparation for the SWYK on March 12th/13th. We have been exploring the properties of matter at school and in the field. Students spent several days exploring properties of different mixtures and attempting to find the “best” way to separate these substances based on their individual properties. We have conducted labs on mass and volume to differentiate between these challenging concepts of matter measurement. Grade 4 students spent a class period making “mixtures” of chapstick and chalk. The mess was intense, but the product was worth it!

Grade 3 & 4 visited Litzsinger Road Ecology Center (LREC) to connect our units on meteorology with chemistry. Students visited 3 different ecosystems and used their powers of observation and deductive reasoning to find evidence of water, past and present. Because of our wonderful partnership with LREC, students are again able to participate in another citizen science project – MO DIRT: Missourians Doing Impact Research Together (website link below). Students helped collect soil samples and took air and soil temperature readings at a fixed site on the LREC property. We then, are performing tests back at the lab (our classroom) on soil water content (calculating the amount of water in the soil) and chemical composition (CO2) to determine soil health as well as collecting data for scientists to be used for climate change analysis in Missouri and beyond.


Important Dates:

March 12 (Grade 4) &13 (Grade 3): Chemistry SWYK #3

Weekly Homework

3-4 Chem Review #3-2019

3-4 Chem Review #3-2019 Annswers

Helpful Links

CA Gr3&4 C1 Syllabus

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Atomic Model Information

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