Ann Luciani
Science Teacher, 3rd & 4th Grades

Inside the Classroom

Our year is quickly winding down. We closed out our unit on astronomy with our last SWYK of the year and with research that was used to make scaled models of the planets (measuring diameter) and distances from the sun (measuring AU: astronomical units). It is hard for students (and adults!) to imagine how large our universe really is. Models put these huge distances into a tangible perspective.

We will close out the year by spiraling back to biology and anatomy with dissections of crayfish (grade 4) and clams (grade 3). Grade 4 will, also, take part in one last novel engineering task based on the picture book Please, Please the Bees. Thanks to a grant from the Ladue Garden Club, students will design/build bee hotels for native bees. The goal is to increase the number of these (non-aggressive bee) pollinators on our campus.


Important Dates:

May 31: Last day of school – 1:00 dismissal

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