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Science Teacher, 3rd & 4th Grades

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We started our new semester with two novel engineering projects. Grade 3 students extended their nonfiction study of national landmarks with Ms. McDonough by reading the book Brick By Brick highlighting the builders of the White House. Students then became the builders of their own researched landmark. The difficulties in mastering required skills, finding suitable materials for the landmark, and hardships faced in the building can help students empathize  more with the builders.

Grade 4 students participated in a novel engineering project related to their semester long reading of Chains during literacy with Mr. Speed. Students were asked to find a better way of accumulating fresh, drinkable water closer to the main character’s home. Students needed to consider not only the character’s needs, but the realities of the time period (Colonial New York City). Their designs required them to think about the properties of water and the water cycle – both of which were covered in the past science unit. These novel engineering projects give students opportunities to integrate literacy, social studies, and science in a more collaborative and meaningful manner.

We will begin our Chemistry unit this week with hands-on experiences and an art project related to how scientists learn about things that are too small to be seen.

Important Dates:

January 21: No school (Martin Luther King, Jr. day)

January 25: Early release (2:00)

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