“Welcome to the Fourth Grade Webpage. This is going to be an exciting and challenging year! We will continue the journey started in third grade to become lifelong readers and effective writers. We will also be learning about our countries fight for independence during the American Revolution, the Civil War that divided Northern and Southern state, as well as the impact of slavery on our country.”

Ray Speed
Fourth Grade Language Arts Teacher


Inside the Classroom

GOING PAPERLESS! We worked out several bugs in the paperless transition! I think students are getting used to checking for, completing, and submitting their assignments online. If you have any questions are have issues of any kind, please let me know.

UPDATE: See Helpful Links for list of Student Online Classroom and Website Access Codes

Current 4th Grade Online Google Classrooms are: Social Studies, Wonder, Daily Grammar Practice (DGP), Writing Workshop, Word Work, Spelling, Vocabulary, Exams, Non-Fiction, ERB Testing.  Students will also access Readworks.org/student to access non-fiction text and Spellingcity.com for spelling and vocabulary practice. Finally, Typing.com lessons will resume this quarter.

Other benefits to a paperless classroom are increased student/teacher collaboration, word processing and keyboarding skills practice, integration of technology in the learning process, increased student engagement, additional creative outlet, and so much more!


Upcoming Events:

Classroom Novels:

In addition to classroom novels, every scheduled F Day we will non fiction text. Primarily “Time for Kids”. These readings will expose students to informational text which serve as a model resource for our informational writing unit. Also, the non fiction material will give students the opportunity to analyze information presented in different written and graphic forms.

Independent Reading:

Students will be given a quarterly independent reading goal. This goal is based upon last year’s performance.  Thirty (30) minutes each day of classroom instruction will be set aside for independent reading.  In addition to this,  students should read a minimum of thirty (30) minutes each night.


This year students will be introduced to the Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop. The curriculum will provide students with specific strategies on generating ideas for writing and provide extensive practice writing for varied occasions. Our focus this year will be on narrative, informational, and opinion writing. Our first narrative writing unit will provide students with strategies on how to generate story ideas by mining small moments from their life experiences. Students will be making daily writing notebook entries as part of the curriculum.

Separate from the writing workshop, every scheduled F Day we will have specific instruction related to grammar rules and conventions. Students will be keeping a Spelling Notebook to use as a tool to increase spelling proficiency.

Social Studies:

Students will be learning about American History by studying the American Revolution, the Civil War, and slavery. We will be analyzing our society’s P.E.R.S.I.A.G.  – politics, economy, religion, societal norms, intellectual contributions, arts/architecture, and geography.

Daily Grammar Practice (DGP):

Students will spend 20 minutes a day learning and practicing the art of identifying: parts of speech, simple/complete subject and predicate, prepositional phrases and the object of the preposition, different types of pronouns (e.g., subject, objective, possessive), dependent and independent clauses, types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, etc.). DGP will also focus on sentence diagramming.

Weekly Homework


Students will record their daily homework for all of their classes in their planners. PLEASE REVIEW NIGHTLY.

English Language Arts/Social Studies:

Typically homework will consist of reading or studying for an upcoming exam. However, if I am unable to complete my lesson (e.g., because of classroom behavior) students will be expected to complete work at home.

Missed Homework:

It is the student’s responsibility to have a conversation with me or a classmate to obtain any missed assignments or homework due to absences.

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4th Grade Classroom and Website Access Codes

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