City Academy provides scholarship support to one-hundred percent of families. Scholarship support comes directly from our annual fund. However, in order to provide support for future generations of City Academy students, our endowment must also grow through the Campaign for City Academy.

Annual Fund: Goal $6 million

Every family pays tuition and one-hundred percent of families receive significant financial assistance. Annual giving ensures our continued commitment to scholarship, families, and our community. Over the next three years, our goal is to raise $2 million annually.

Endowment: Goal $4 million

In order to grow our graduating class size from 14 to 26 students, we will need to increase our endowment fund. Endowment secures our future and will allow us to provide exceptional education to 250 students by 2020.

Capital: $12 million

When complete, City Academy will have a first-class facility that meets the spatial, curricular, extra-curricular, and developmental needs of our students. Expanding our footprint allows the next generation of students to thrive in updated and renovated classrooms in our current building and in a new Early Childhood center.

Your gift will allow us to expand our student body to 250 scholars by 2020.

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