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2018 Graduation Speech by Queen Bell ’18

Good evening everyone, my name is Queen Bell.

Today I will be presenting a poem I wrote entitled “My Fins still Survived.” This poem is a representation of my time at City Academy, I started city Academy in the 3rd grade. Before I was at City Academy, I was in a St. Louis public school. The transition was a struggle for me and sometimes I felt alone. But with the help of my family or my school of fish, I overcame the storm.

My Fins Still Survived

An afraid and daunting fish drifts away in a swish

From the comfort and safety of its school of fish,

Knowing the chances of survival is quite slim

Swimming the journey of life aloof with grim.

Afraid of how one’s past may affect one’s future,

Her fins tremble as this is all new to her,

Unknowingly washed ashore the sun beams on her gills,

This is beyond her solace and will.

But, A wave softly reunites her with her school of fish

Such joy was her only wish

With her family’s help, she learned to stroke the water and flow

Such a dip, changed her whole soul and glow

Although there may have been some strong tides turning

Being with her family made a sensation of yearning

With the help from many members of the school of fish

She conquered many obstacles without mere anguish

Her transition will be met with some imperfections.

But with her school of fish she will overcome rejection.

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