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2018 Graduation Speech by Aaliyah Elliott ’18 (John Burroughs ’24)

Good evening, my name is Aaliyah Elliott.

This evening I will be reciting a poem, entitled “Memory Lane” and will be reflecting on the amazing memories I’ve encountered over my years at City Academy.

Let’s see how many of you are familiar with this song. Uh, Huh, I knew many of you could relate to that. Well, Minnie Riperton sang this song “Memory Lane” in the late 1970’s but I’d like to take you down my memory lane.

Memory Lane

City Academy is literally my second home,

Even when my brother, Ezekiel and sister Lailah attended here, I felt like this school was my very own,

As a squirmy 3 year old, I can remember yearning to be where I am today, A community where I can get one of the best educations and still have time to play,

As I look back at all the impactful memories I’ve had,

Some filled with joys, some of them woes and kinda bad,

I still cherish those moments close to my heart,

Holding close to the ones that were here from the start,

Class of 2018, how can you forget such incredible moments we had back then,Well, let’s take a walk down memory lane, my friends,

Who can forget that sweet, flowery scent of Ms. Hynes, such a calming spirit, and never a fuss

Or when we’d take field trips apple picking on what seemed like an enormous, yellow bus,

Who can forget that strong smell of chlorine at Mathews Dickey’s pool,

Or one of the most difficult times we had to go through, when Mrs. Taylor left our school,

AndWho can forget getting to read our first novel about Percy Jackson,

Or having our first dissection, which didn’t bring most of us to any satisfaction,

Who can forget attending our first City Academy track meet,

Or celebrating Cinco De Mayo every year, that ended with such a nice treat,

Who can forget all that hard work and dedication we put into our SSATs,

Or waiting to see what school we were accepted into leaving us uneased,

One thing for sure, my friends, these memories will never escape our heart,

But as with anything, it is time for us to part;

Yes, there has been a rollercoaster of memories,

But let’s cherish these moments and use them as best can be.

So Farewell, my dear friends, my peers,And best of luck to you through the years

,Remember for us the foundation has been set

Now it’s time to show we are better / yet .

At this time, I would like to take a moment to show gratitude to those who have supported me through the years. Thank you to my teachers for instilling in me to be better than good, but to be great. And most importantly thank you to my beloved parents, for their unconditional love and support. To my Mi-Mi for stepping into my mom’s role when needed and to my siblings thank you for guidance through the years.

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