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Good evening, my name is Zariyah Nance. Words are helpful in our lives. It helps us to say things, but it also helps us to express what we as human beings feel. Words can make others’ voices be heard, loud enough for the people around us to hear and maybe even the world. Before I officially leave what was once my destination, I will be reciting a poem entitled “Destination” that will allow me to express who I have become as a student of City Academy.

My route starts out like a narrow pathway,
I’m hiding in the shadows, afraid of what might happen,
I take my time to accept the world,
I only speak if my mind agrees,
Making sure that the words that come out truly matter,
Violence can impact, but words can deeply have an affect on others mentally,
New creatures swarm around me, but I dare be caught in the middle,
Knowing it’s easy to stand in the crowd, but it takes courage to stand alone,
I stride further into my expedition,
Welcoming my new environment; while forming partnerships,
Inspiring others to follow the path to destiny,
To be able to face challenges, no matter how hard they get,
I slowly tear down the walls,
Showing the world my true identity,
Not frightened of what one might say,
For their words are like grains of sand,
They simply slip through my fingers and fall to the unknown,
My mind is open to anything that comes my way,
No longer, afraid to face things unfamiliar,
No longer afraid of being judged,
For I am a stable building ready to soar yet another storm,
Yearning to find my destination.

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