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2018 Graduation Speech by Caeley Wilson ’18 (Villa Duchesne ’23)

Good Evening, my name is Caeley Wilson.

I will be presenting a poem I wrote entitled, “Frosty Velvet Moon” and a painting of the phases of the moon. The poem represents me and my journey at City Academy and how I have grown, the painting represents my stages at City Academy.

Frosty Velvet Moon

My start was unlike the glistening moon

Revolving up high, the sky, the mood,

In the night, weary, yet still kept afloat

Quite dark I would say; and no shadow of hope,

Craters imprinted on the dismal blue moon

Were battles that left me somehow in gloom.

Hopeless and afraid to face daylight

Steady yearning to find my place in the night,

This aspiration never seemed to diminished

Somehow, never revealing the light within me.

A new moon soon burst to illuminate, not sway

Growing from a crescent to a full moon, in May,

Exquisite, delicate thin curve of something new

Thrilled by night’s end that I hadn’t withdrew

Sun rays at dawn slowly disappears,

And I’m left audacious, with little to fear

The moon takes a bold form and revolves up high

Dancing in the starry blue midnight sky.

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