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“With the synergies of all our efforts, what we can achieve becomes very powerful.” – Erica Venne

Mission-made and mission-proud. At City Academy, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional education and empowering our students. To meet the needs of our growing student body, we are expanding our faculty and staff. One new position we added this year is the Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator. This is a great example of generous community support impacting education equity.

We are excited to re-introduce Erica Venne as the new Instruction and Curriculum Coordinator. Erica is now in her fifth year at City Academy. Previously, she was a Spanish student teacher, fourth grade humanities teacher and fifth grade humanities teacher at the school.

The primary responsibility of the Instruction and Curriculum Coordinator is developing a challenging, cohesive educational program for students that prepares them for success in secondary schools. Erica collaborates with every department and individual teacher to ensure high-quality, cohesive programming from junior kindergarten through sixth grade. This collaboration also ensures that every City Academy scholar grows through holistic learning focused on the development and individual strengths and needs of the child.

Reflecting on her new position, Erica enjoys how “being the Instruction and Curriculum Coordinator gives me a chance to go beyond the classroom. I’m excited to make a larger impact at the school. I’m looking forward to a year of fostering collaboration and growth among the talented staff, students, and families of City Academy.”

Erica Venne with sixth grade students

High-Quality Academics

City Academy’s primary goal is to provide a safe, challenging, and nurturing learning environment for every child. By focusing on individual learners, students receive the unique attention and detailed instruction they need to learn and grow. Initiatives such as workshop models, guided learning groups, differentiation, student choice, and an emphasis on social-emotional development are just a few examples of the high-quality, holistic learning program that City Academy provides. In addition to exceptional education and bold expectations, these approaches lead to stronger relationships, improved executive function skills, and student efficacy and empowerment.

“We focus on the child as an individual,” remarks Erica Venne. “We want to ensure that each student is healthy and feels challenged, supported, and fulfilled academically, socially, and emotionally.”

Erica recognizes that on-going reflection, collaboration, and professional growth are keys to high-quality, innovative, and responsive learning and instruction. Through a variety of assessments, data, observations, and closely monitoring student progress, Erica and the education team strive to create the best environment and program for our students to learn, grow, and succeed.

The outcomes for this position are essential for our school. Without the generous support from donors like you, we would not be able to have a dedicated person in this role. The St. Louis community truly is transforming education at City Academy and in St. Louis.

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