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Buddy Morning is a great opportunity for both community supporters and students. Twice a year, community partners, donors, supporters, and volunteers spend one-on-one time with a student and experience our unique mission.

City Academy has hosted twenty-one Buddy Morning events since 2006. Each attendee is paired with a scholar and has the opportunity to build a relationship through educational activities. Buddies participate in great activities including playing drums in music, building robots in science, and creating leaf rubbings in art.

Buddy Morning attendees are individual supporters and community partners of City Academy. Many attend because they are able to see first-hand the exceptional education and community transformation that is taking place at City Academy. In fact, many individuals attend so often that they are called Super Buddies. Super Buddies have attended at least five Buddy Mornings. Many are paired with the same student buddy each time, building a lasting friendship.

Super Buddy, Jim, with his student buddy, Derrick, as they complete a science project at Buddy Morning Fall 2016

One Super Buddy is Jim Cornbleet. Jim has attended every Buddy Morning since the event first began eleven years ago. Jim continues to return for each event because of the energy at City Academy and the friendships he has formed with his buddies. “Adults and students are together at one time learning about one another and getting to know each other while participating in a great education activity. I’ve attended Buddy Morning 20 times over the years because I always enjoy seeing what the kids are learning,” explains Jim.

Jim’s fifth grade buddy, Derrick, also enjoys Buddy Morning. “I love that buddies come to Buddy Morning,” says Derrick. “I love seeing how many people attend. We give out awards to people who have attended a lot and are Super Buddies. All the buddies are taking time away from other things they could be doing to come to our school and hang out with us.”

Jim and Derrick both agree that more individuals in St. Louis should attend Buddy Morning. “You should come to Buddy Morning!” says Derrick. “It’s a great way for you to see the school, how intelligent the students are, and to get to know everyone at City Academy.” Jim agrees and believes that everyone should experience City Academy in-person: “City Academy is a feel good place and all community members should visit.”

City Academy transforms children, families, and our community through exceptional education and bold expectations that empower children to overcome barriers. Buddy Morning is one way you can be involved in our important mission.

Register to attend Buddy Morning on April 19

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