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Citizen Scientists

Share this:Early Childhood Students Release Tagged Monarch Butterflies Students are learning what it means to be “Citizen Scientists” in our Early Childhood STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) classroom. Citizen Scientists assist professional scientists by engaging, exploring, and observing the world around them. For our early childhood scholars, they are assisting as Citizen Scientists…

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I Will Rise Up

Share this:2017 Graduation Speech by Camille Smith ’17 (John Burroughs ’23) Good evening, my name is Camille Smith. Everyone has at least one super power, one power that is stronger than the rest. This is the power to “rise up”. By rise up I mean to become a better and a more powerful you than…

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My Pledge of Allegiance to Me

Share this:Each morning, City Academy students gather as a community to pledge to be their best. One class is chosen to lead the pledge as a call and response with the City Academy community. By pledging to be their best in everything they do, City Academy students begin each day knowing the bold expectations our…

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