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Graduation Ceremony 2019 | Speech by Jordyn Jefferson

Share this:Good evening, my name is Jordyn Jefferson. The best way to describe myself as a student at City Academy is through the lens of a rose. Roses are fragrant, attractive, bright and colorful and when they bloom, they illuminate grace and beauty. They appreciate sunny skies and rainy nights with intentional thorns that protect…

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Jayden's Graduation Photo

Graduation Ceremony 2019 | Speech by Jayden Cooley

Share this:Reaching the Summit Good evening my name is Jayden Cooley. I believe my classmate, Alex, with whom I’ve shared my journey with since junior kindergarten used the analogy of his experience at City Academy as a rollercoaster ride. I would agree. We have experienced some really great times at City Academy and I have…

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Kaliah's Graduation Photo

Graduation Ceremony 2019 | Poem by Kaliah Birchfield

Share this:Good evening, My name is Kaliah Birchfield. When I first entered City Academy in first grade I was a seed awaiting my chance. A chance to grow into a blossoming tree. With every year, this once tiny seed, grew more into a tree whose branches are now ready to embrace its new journey. Thank…

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