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Graduation Ceremony 2019 | Speech by Madison Moore

Share this:I Can Good evening! My name is Madison Moore and I’ve been attending City Academy since kindergarten. And, if I’m being honest, kindergarten and first grade was a blur, but what I do remember is this one time in EC, my class wrote down the phrase, “I Can’t” on paper, and we took it…

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Graduation Ceremony 2019 | Speech by Ayomide Ajakaiye

Share this:Good evening, my name is Ayomide Ajakaiye. At the beginning of the year, I came up with a motto for myself; to enjoy the moment. To take advantage of every drop of life. So to everyone who has ever said or done something that has left a positive impact on me, thank you. Because…

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Graduation Ceremony 2019 | Speech by Lauryn Gross

Share this:Good evening, My name is Lauryn Gross, and today I stand before you with mixed emotions. It seems as if just last month, I was having a wrestling match with my parents in the parking lot of City Academy, pleading not to have to walk into the double doors and face once again that…

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