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The Presidential Election, According to Sixth Graders

Share this:We know that our students, particularly scholars in upper grades, are paying attention to the 2016 presidential election. We wanted to know what they know, what they think, and if they would vote if they could. It turns out that our sixth graders have quite a few thoughts about this year’s election. Share this:

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Dear (Math) Diary…

Share this:Dear Diary, As I type this blog, I recall the ebb and flow of teaching some years when I had a class of predominant high achievers then other years when the majority of the class needed extra practice. During both extremes, I was challenged because I wanted to do more for each group but…

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New Faculty 2016-2017

Share this:We are pleased to have four new faculty members for the 2016-2017 school year. These teachers are dedicated to the mission of City Academy and are great advocates for our students. Share this:

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