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Kendrick Smith 2016_blog

Alumni Pay It Forward

We are fortunate to have our alumni volunteering and interning at City Academy this summer. They are truly showing our current students what it means to make a difference in the community. We could not ask for better role models or volunteers!

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Express Who You Are

Share this:by Jhani S. ’16 (Thomas Jefferson ’22) Nona, my dad’s mother, died two years ago. The thought of her dying made my head spin. Since then, I have a blank page in my head. Yet many aspects of her I remember:  her cooking, her laughter, her appearance and even her favorite animal, a jaguar….

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Change Gives Us Courage

Share this:by JaKenzie Brown ’16 (MICDS ’22) One day in 2008, I heard my mom scream. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Obama is the President of the United States!” she exulted. “He will be the first black president.” Before then, for 119 years, there wasn’t a single black president. Four years ago, I was eight years…

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