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michael zuccarello

A New Model for Community Engagement

Last month, Walter Isaacson, chairman of the Aspen Institute, challenged St. Louis to become a national model. “It is quite possible that there is a destiny for St. Louis in the 21st century,

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megan walker volunteer

Volunteer Reflection: Megan Walker

I found City Academy though a friend when I was looking for a new volunteer opportunity and for almost three years, I have had the joy of working on developing reading skills with Daphne, a wonderful little girl full of energy and life.

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noah hollenkamp

Don’t Procrastinate, Play Now!

Have you ever seen a child so deep into an activity that he ignores the world around? Bringing play into the classroom helps strengthen focus, independence, and problem solving, while also eliminating the fear of failure. Play can also help familiarize children with the world around them through social interactions and conflict resolution.

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