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Knowing Our History Gives Us Character

Share this:by A’dia Dickers ’16 (Whitfield School ’22) Over the years I have learned to know my history, my African-American history. My father is big on Africa: the geography, the people, and our roots. He has given me books and maps of Africa. He often tells me stories of my ancestors. When I was younger…

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Share this:by Camielle W. ’16 (Crossroads ’22) Why do we attempt to retrieve something so high up on a mountain, knowing all along we wouldn’t survive the trip? What made us believe we’re going to make it to the top of the mountain in the first place? Determination. This I Believe. Most of us thrive…

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I Believe in a Delicious Breakfast

Share this:by Kennedy S. ’16 (Villa Duchesne ’22) If I had to choose my favorite memory about breakfast it would be when my big brother, Ricco, made me an omelet. He almost burned mine because he likes his a little burnt! He was home from college; it was a typical Saturday. I woke up early…

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